Sunday, March 12, 2006

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more than phish, i miss eretz israel. not a day goes by that i am not reminded, either by the chutzpa of the busdriver refusing to give me change or the way the light shines in the morning right into my eyes after a braying donkey has kept me awake all night.

maybe its when everything is bathed in an orange glow of our toaster oven after we unsuccessfully tried to make felafel in it.

right before a storm when the sky turns dark, the world brightens, the colours are heightened and i nearly get hit by lightening. "get inside" phish keeps yelling at me as the raindrops soak me from head to toe like the rain of jerusalem used to. i never used to go indoors when it rained there either.

i think it's not just in the air, but in our souls. it's that fire, those sparks, those divine sparks bringing light to this dark world. or it could be the tinfoil wrapped potato in the microwave.

i had better move to israel, quick before I burn down the house and wreck all our appliances. then again, we could move to israel with all new stuff. i need to ponder this some more.


Blogger Emah S beckoned...

THIS AS BEC WOULD SAY............IS BRILLIANTLY FUNNY!!!! ALL of it! :) hee hee

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